Kid Tested, Mother Approved Rock!

The Nearly Deads Drop By Reality Strikes Studio – Denver, CO

A long way from home The Nearly Deads dropped by Reality Strikes Studio in Denver, CO for a Tattoo-A-Thon courtesy of the shops elite artist roster: Rafael Herrera, Chris Roberts, Merck, and Crystal.

(Pictures can be found posted on Facebook & Twitter)

Check out the tour dates to find out when you can come see the new ink, FRESH AND IN PERSON!

 Reality Strikes Tattoo, piercing, art & design studio is here and is striving hard to become Denver’s leading urban lifestyle producer.

From fully custom tattoos & piercing’s and don’t forget the hottest streetwear you will find it all here.

Visit us at 1941 W. Evans Ave. Or give us a call to set an appointment.

Visit their website to peep the artists portfolios:

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